Ideas for small gardens

Small gardens can be beautiful

Image - Wikimedia / Sabina Bajracharya

Nowadays, having a plot of land, however small it may be, can be a source of immense joy, because you can design a spectacular garden on it, to your liking. Of course, the available space must be taken into account, because if we make the mistake of planting, for example, a tree that is too big, sooner or later we will have to consider what to do with it.

So that those mistakes cannot be made, I am going to give you a series of ideas for small gardens I hope they are of interest to you so that you can create your own oasis of tranquility.

Decide the style that you are going to give it

Put the right plants in your Japanese garden

Image - Wikimedia / Kapacytron

About garden styles we could talk long and hard, that's why we made an article in which we deal with this topic. So now we are not going to extend much, but I will tell you what is the first thing you have to do. Before buying the plants, before even thinking about where each thing will go, the style needs to be decided.

And hence, You also have to reflect on the use that you are going to give to the garden; that is, if you have children, you may be interested in planting many aromatic plants, such as lavender, rosemary or basil. But if you would like to invite a lot of people, you may prefer a minimalist garden, with few plants and plenty of space to walk around.

Use the wall to hook shelves or shelves

Surely you have seen how there are people who what they do is hang pots on the walls, well. I recommend that, to make the most of the space, instead of pots, what you hook are shelves or shelves that have holes so you can put the pots there and they don't fall over.

Shelves or shelves without holes would also work, but in that case I would advise you to tie a rope on the front to hold the containers and prevent them from falling in case of strong winds or heavy rain.

Put a pond... if there are no mosquitoes

Small ponds are beautiful

Who says pond, says a container with water turned into a homemade fountain. The sound of water is very relaxing., and since there are ponds (or fountains) of many different shapes and sizes, as long as there are no mosquitoes it may be a good idea to have one.

It is especially interesting if you want to give your small garden an oriental touch., since Asian gardens are usually characterized by including water in their designs.

Repel mosquitoes with plants

tiger mosquito
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And in the event that you cannot and/or do not want to put any fountain or anything that leaves the water stagnant because otherwise it would fill up with larvae of those terrible insects, what better way to plant a few that repel them. One of the most effective -and beautiful, by the way-, is lavender. It resists drought, heat, even moderate frost. You just have to put it in a sunny place and water it very occasionally.

Other plants that may be helpful are basil, citronella, mosquito geranium, and sage.. All the ones I have mentioned are aromatic, and completely harmless to humans.

Create shady corners with a tree

Lagerstroemia indica is a deciduous tree

Image - Wikimedia / Captain-tucker

If you would like to have a small rustic or tropical-looking garden, I recommend that you create natural shady corners with trees. Although they can be achieved artificially, with tents or latticework, I think that a natural plant, one that is alive, beautifies the area much more. Also, the shade it will provide will be cooler and more pleasant.

And although it may seem otherwise, there is many species that you can plant in a small garden, such as some Prunus, or perhaps a citrus (mandarin, lemon, orange,...) if you want a fruit tree.

Less is more

Design of a small garden
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It is important to keep this in mind, because For example, if we plant many plants together in the same area, when they grow it will give the feeling that the garden is crowded with plants., that there are too many. Therefore, it will look smaller than it actually is.

For this reason, you always have to find out about the size they get to when they are adults (height and width), in order to be able to put them in the right place and at the right distance from other specimens.

Make some path or path

The garden path can straight

Image – Wikimedia/Elhibanabil

No matter how small the garden may be, a path or path must be distinguished that leads to an area of ​​special interest. East It can be more or less large stones, gravel, grass, outdoor carpet,… there are many options! As a border, put a few low plants, such as rose bushes, durillo, dimorphoteca or the ones you like best.

Yes, I do not advise that said path be straight, unless it is clear that you like it that way and that your garden is characterized by straight lines, order and so on. But if it is not the case, I encourage you to make it curved, that you have to go around a tree, fountain, or other things.

What do you think of these ideas for small gardens?

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