Tulip Tarda, a lovely yellow and white flower

The petals of the tulip tarda are yellow and white.

The gender Tulip, of the family Liliaceae, is very extensive and includes the famous tulips, highly appreciated especially in Holland. There are around 150 different species, each with its own peculiarities. One of them is the late tulip, a lovely bulbous plant with yellow and white flowers.

In this post we are going to talk precisely about this species belonging to the genus Tulip so pretty. we will explain what is the late tulip and we will discuss the meaning of the yellow tulips. So if you want to know more about this beautiful flower, I recommend that you keep reading.

What is the late tulip?

The late tulip is native to Central Asia.

The late tulip, or late tulipIs a tulip variety small native to central Asia, where it is very common, especially in the Tien Shan. We can find these beautiful flowers on stony and rocky slopes, in the mountains. It is generally cultivated as an ornamental plant. its use in rock gardens being very popular.

This tulip is a low-growing herbaceous and bulbous species whose height ranges between 15 and 25 centimeters. It has narrow and long basal leaves of a beautiful green color. As for the flowers, they usually have a diameter of approximately five centimeters and They stand out for their star shape. The petals are yellow in the center and white at the tips. Each stem of this species can carry up to six flowers.

And why is it called the "late tulip"? Well, obviously, the word "tarda" means "late." The reason why they have called it that is that It usually blooms relatively late. Even so, the flowering of this plant usually takes place at the beginning of spring, specifically in March.

As we have already mentioned above, the tulip tarda is cultivated mainly as an ornamental plant. It is really very beautiful in rock gardens, in normal gardens and even in pots. When cultivating this vegetable, it is important that the soil is light and alkaline and that it has good drainage. As for the location, it prefers sunny and warm places. The planting of the bulbs should be done in autumn, if possible in groups of between five and ten specimens. Between each one there should be about five to eight centimeters of separation. Regarding the depth, the most recommended is ten centimeters.

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Award of Merit in Gardening (AGM)

It should be noted that the late tulip has the British award of Gardening Merit, also known as AGM («Award of Garden Merit" in English). SThis is a very prestigious award given by the RHS ("Royal Horticultural Society«). This award represents the quality of the plant and is recognized in many countries around the world.

This award highlights those vegetables with exceptional qualities, increasing its popularity in gardens and greenhouses. Any species in the world of flora can opt for it, no matter if it is a tiny plant or a gigantic tree. Normally it is a group of botanical experts that awards the prize by recommendation or by the results of specific tests carried out on the plants. Among the criteria that the plant in question must meet are the following:

  • It is available in the market.
  • Possess a good constitution.
  • It does not require special care, only the basic ones necessary for it to develop correctly.
  • Be resistant to both pests and diseases.
  • Have a high ornamental value.

Of all the species belonging to the genus Tulip, Those who have been awarded this award are these:

  • late tulip
  • Golden Artist Lampshade
  • Lampshade Red Riding Hood
  • Tulip Spring Green
  • tulipa sylvestris
  • tulipa turkestanica

What is the meaning of yellow tulips?

The late tulip has a star shape

Now that we know a little more about the late tulip and the outstanding prize it holds, let's see what is the meaning of this flower, or of yellow tulips in general. Usually are often associated with friendship since they symbolize lasting and sincere relationships. Furthermore, yellow also represents warmth, joy and happiness. This is not surprising, since this color reminds us of warm sun rays and summer.

And who can we give yellow tulips to? Obviously to whoever we want, but they may be more suitable for their symbology as a gift For our most special friends. It can also be a good option for those people who are not having a good time, since they are very happy flowers and could cheer them up a bit. If you like this topic and want to know more about the meaning of the colors of tulips, I recommend that you read the article that talks about this topic giving it here.

Although the late tulip is a little different from the more common tulips, it is an extremely beautiful flower that I hope you liked as much as I did. Without a doubt, this plant has the ability to brighten our eyes.

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