Plantable bookmarks, original and ecological gifts

Plantable Bookmarks

Recently we were talking about the pencils with seeds and plantable pens and now we do it with bookmarks, because these also add to the repertoire of ecological objects with which we can do tasks, practice hobbies and do it in a sustainable way, also enjoying nature. The plantable bookmarks are original and ecological gifts Perfect for students and reading lovers. 

Readers are generally enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the importance of caring for the environment. That is why they will be grateful to have an object like this in their hands. Can you imagine finishing reading, closing the last page of a special book, perhaps one that someone special gave you as a gift, and ending by planting the bookmark and watching your plant grow? It will be the perfect finishing touch to your reading moments.

Plantable bookmarks will soon be very popular and we think it is a great idea to enhance the ecological awareness of children and adults.

What are seed bookmarks?

Plantable Bookmarks

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. bookmark with seeds They are made of plantable paper sheets, that is to say, they do not carry ordinary paper, coming from cutting down trees, using dyes and other procedures that damage the environment, but, as it could not be otherwise, these objects are made with waste materials that are It has given a second life and, if you hurry us, it will have a third life, when we plant it and give life to the seeds that the bookmark will contain inside. 

Recycled paper with seeds

To make waste paper, what is done is the following:

  1. We use paper and cardboard that people hand in for recycling. The new paper will be made from the fibers of these already used papers and cardboard.
  2. First, this paper or cardboard is immersed in water to soften it so it can be compacted and shredded. 
  3. This pulp is poured into containers with water to which different seeds have been added. 
  4. Subsequently, this paper mass is sifted and pressed to remove all excess water. 
  5. These paper fibers will be joined together to make new paper. On this occasion, it will be plantable and totally ecological paper, since during the process everything is done natural and without polluting agents, nor depleting resources. 
  6. We already have recycled paper and seeds. With it we can make plantable objects such as bookmarks, but also others such as greetings or postcards. 

It must be clarified that there may be other procedures and different finishes for each type of plantable paper: with smooth or rough texture, with visible seeds and even decorated with flower petals or colors. 

A common detail is customize bookmarks, so that they are to the taste of the person to whom we are going to give it, ours, if we will choose it for some purpose, or the philosophy of the company that acquires them, if they will use it as merchandising to give to their clients, employees, etc 

How to plant bookmarks with seeds

Plant the bookmarks with seeds too easy. You just have to take your bookmark and, according to the instructions it comes with, soak it, crush it, or directly put it in a pot with soil. Depending on the manufacturing method of the element, it will have some indications or others so that the seeds germinate sooner. 

Plantable Bookmarks

Expose the pot to the sun, so that it has a good dose of light and water to maintain humidity, at least for the first few days. 

All you have to do is wait patiently for the first green leaves of your plant to appear. 

You now have your bookmark giving life, a new life that will brighten our eyes and decorate our spaces, because since you tried one, you will surely end up picking up and acquiring other plantable bookmarks to have a whole collection of plants.

What type of seeds do these bookmarks have?

The seeds that these planting bookmarks incorporate can be very varied: from wild flowers to medicinal herbs and even vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes or other flowers. It is advisable to opt for seeds that are easy to grow and not too demanding, so that you are not left waiting for centuries until they sprout.

What are the necessary care for these seeds in bookmarks?

The care will be indicated on the bookmark itself, although the logical thing is to pay attention to the type of seed to provide the care most appropriate to the type. This way you will have greater success in your harvest or in your cultivation. However, they are usually super simple, so as not to break the illusions of those who decide to try the experiment and play at planting their marker.

Very original ecological gifts

Bookmarks, like pens, pencils and leaves with seeds, are very original ecological gifts and we have compelling reasons to recommend them to you:

  • If you have a business and want to give a gift that your customers will remember for a long time, giving them a marker with seeds or a similar object will be a good alternative to other gifts that will fall into disuse and will not be as useful.
  • You will demonstrate your social commitment to your environment.
  • You will invite your clients or the person to whom you deliver it, to be ecological with this curious detail. 
  • When you give a book, accompanying it with a plantable bookmark will complete your gift with creativity.
  • You will be teaching the little ones how nature works, how to get used to gardening and how fun and exciting it can be. 
  • You will have very attractive mini pots to decorate your terrace, your kitchen or your balcony and fill your gardens with life if you have this space.

Custom gifts

You can order the plantable bookmarks personalized, so that they adapt perfectly to you, what you want to convey, that they have a dedication or a logo or brand. 

You can purchase the plantable bookmark online and choose your favorite designs, because the offer will be increasingly broader, since the sector aims to reach the largest number of customers and have a positive impact with these proposals for sustainable objects and gifts that promote respect for nature and invites you to participate in your care. 

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