10 trees with little root

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When you have a small garden, or when you want to make more use of the space by putting a greater number of plants, it is essential to choose trees whose root system is not invasive, since otherwise we would end up having many problems and it is likely that we would end up cutting down the tree with all that that entails.

To avoid this, we have selected for you 10 trees with little root, which can be planted near buildings as they do not need much space to grow properly.

Acer palmatum


The Japanese maple is a tree with few roots.

And let's start with the Acer palmatum, better known by the name of Japanese Maple or Japanese Maple, which are deciduous trees that turn beautiful in autumn. There are many varieties, and even more cultivars, some can even exceed 10m in height. But for the case that concerns us, and more if you have a small patio or garden, I recommend that you get one that is grafted, since these do not usually exceed 5m Tall. Of course, they need both the soil and the irrigation water to be acidic, with a low pH, be protected from direct sun, and that the climate is also mild to cool, with temperatures below zero in winter (down to -15ºC).

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Albizia julibrissin

Albizia julibrissin is a deciduous plant

Looking for a tree that has decorative leaves and flowers? One of your options may be the Albizia julibrissin, which is a deciduous plant that grows very well in hot climates, as long as the winter is a bit cool, with temperatures below zero (down to -6ºC). Reaches a height of up to 6m, and its flowers appear grouped in inflorescences of pink color, very beautiful.

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Callistemon viminalis

The Callistemon viminalis is a low-rise tree

Image - Wikimedia / Chris English

El Callistemon viminalis, or Weeping Pipe Cleaner, is a perennial shrub or small tree that grows up to 4-6 meters tall. It has light green, lanceolate leaves and flowers that are grouped in red inflorescences. Its bearing is weeping, which gives it a very pretty appearance. It is especially indicated for those areas where the climate is warm, with frosts of up to -7ºC.

hakea laurina

The Hakea laurina has rare flowers

Image – Wikimedia/Ian W. Fieggen

La hakea laurina, or pincushion hakea, is one of the short-rooted evergreen trees that has really curious flowers, as they look like dancer's pom-poms. Reaches 6 meters in height, and it is a plant with green leaves that will surely give you a lot of joy. It resists heat well (not extreme), as well as soft frosts of up to -4ºC.

Koelreuteria paniculata

The koelreuteria is a deciduous tree

La Koelreuteria paniculata o China soap tree is one of the most beautiful trees with few roots for gardens. Reaches a height of up to 8 meters and forms a rounded crown with pinnate leaves that turn yellowish or orange in autumn. When summer arrives, it produces yellow flowers gathered in panicles that can measure up to 40 centimeters long. It is a very undemanding deciduous species that can withstand frosts down to -18ºC.

Prunus cerasifera var pissardii

The Prunus cerasifera is an ornamental tree

Image - Wikimedia / Drow male

El Prunus cerasifera var pissardii, or flowering cherry, is one of the non-invasive root trees that I highly recommend planting in small gardens. Although it reaches a height of about 10 meters, rarely 15 meters, it develops a rather narrow crown.; and since its root system is not aggressive, it is simply perfect. Also, there is a purple leaf variety, the 'Nigra', which is very pretty. As if that were not enough, it blooms during the spring, producing white flowers of about 1 centimeter, and if they are pollinated, their fruits will ripen, which by the way are edible. Withstands up to -12ºC.

Syringa vulgaris

Syringa vulgaris is a small tree with a non-invasive root

Image - Wikimedia / Katrin Schneider

La Syringa vulgaris or Lilo It is a tree with few roots that grows up to 7m, although it can be pruned in spring keeping it lower. It has deciduous leaves, and very pretty flowers, purple or white, very fragrant. It is a plant that attracts butterflies, so if you would like them to go more to your garden, do not hesitate to put this plant in an area where it gives a lot of light. It also resists frost, down to -5ºC.

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Peruvian Thevetia

Thevetia peruviana is a perennial tree

Image - Flickr / Wendy Cutler

La Peruvian Thevetia or yellow oleander it is an evergreen tree with few roots that does not grow much: no more than 7 meters high. It has lance-shaped green leaves, and in summer it produces bell-shaped yellow flowers. It is a very grateful plant that tolerates pruning and can withstand light frosts, down to -4ºC.

Lagerstroemia indica

Lagerstroemia indica is a small tree

Image - Wikimedia / Captain-tucker


La Lagerstroemia indica o Jupiter Tree is a short-rooted garden tree whose leaves are deciduous. Grows up to 6-8 meters, with grouped flowers terminal inflorescences of pink, mauve or white. It has a very slow growth rate, but in its favor it must be said that it supports heat better (up to 38ºC) than other acidophilic plants, and also frost (up to -15ºC).

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Ligustrum japonicum

The Ligustrum japonicum is a perennial tree

Image - Wikimedia / John Tann

El Ligustrum japonicum or privet is one of the outdoor trees that looks best in small or medium-sized gardens. It reaches a height of 10 meters, but it tolerates pruning so well that it can be grown as a 5 meter tall plant. The leaves are evergreen, and the flowers are yellowish. Withstands frost down to -18ºC.

Which of these little rooted trees did you like the most?

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    Hi Monica, I'm Rosalba, I want to plant a tree in the front garden of my house, that grows about 5 or 6 meters high, that is not a receptor of pests and that its root is not aggressive, and the house is 2 meters away and 1 meters the water pipe.
    I appreciate your kind support.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Rosalba.
      Where are you from? If you live in an area with a warm climate you can put for example a Cassia fistula; on the contrary, if frosts occur, I recommend a Prunus serrulata (Japanese cherry) for example or an Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) if you have an acid soil (pH 4 to 6). Both can exceed 5 meters in height, but they support pruning well.
      A greeting.

  2.   Ana Berta Mendez Hernandez aa said

    Hello Monica, in advance I appreciate your listening and help I want to plant a tree in a pot with the following characteristics of thin, leafy trunk and not garbage I live in Querétaro I await your answer

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Ana Berta.
      You can plant a Cassia fistula (does not resist frost), Albizia julibrissin, Prunus pissardi, Tabebuia (does not resist frost), or Cercis siliquastrum.
      A greeting.

    2.    Diana Mendez said

      Beautiful legestromy

      1.    Monica Sanchez said

        Hi, Diana.

        Yes that is pretty, yes. Here you have his file in case you want to know more.


    3.    Mario R. Miglio said

      In UNIV INTERNATIONAL NGO for Humanitarian Aid and Education, in the Climate Change Prevention Program, we are doing, as a simple intellectual exercise, the design of houses, grouped on interconnected platforms, on the sea ... something like oil platforms , but designed to contain dwellings.
      The houses will obviously form colonies or neighborhoods, countries and ... maybe a continent.
      We do not want to give up the fact that we live without orchards and gardens; trees will be important ...
      I will appreciate all the information at the Gmail.com univ.ong.org or at watsap +521 81 1184 0743.
      Mario R. Miglio
      Thank you

  3.   ANA said

    Hi! I want you to advise me on a Tree with few roots and that of shade, I LIVE IN NEUQUEN

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Ana.
      You can put a Callistemon or an Albizia. Both give good shade and do not have invasive roots.
      A greeting.

    2.    Mauro jimenez said

      I liked the albizia julibrissin and the Jupiter tree

      1.    Monica Sanchez said

        They are very pretty, no doubt. 🙂

  4.   Mara said

    Hello, I live on the Cadiz coast. I need your advice, I want to plant a tree that reaches four or five meters in height so that it covers me from the neighbors who are close to me, with non-aggressive roots, an evergreen that does not make a lot of dirt. leafy and fast growing. " By the way, in summer we have a lot of mosquitoes. » in case it can be of help. Thanks

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Mara.
      Living on the Cadiz coast, I recommend a Callistemon viminalis, which bears beautiful flowers and is resistant to drought.
      A greeting.

  5.   pedro said

    Hello, I live in the Alicante area (climate between -1 and 40º) and I am looking to plant an evergreen tree, if possible, that does not have aggressive roots because I want to plant it in a garden 3-4 m from the house and a pool that is not very dirty and shady.
    Thank you

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Peter.
      You can put a Callistemon viminalis, or a Viburnum opulus.
      Albizia julibrissin and Prunus pissardi would also be a good option, but they are out of date.
      A greeting.

  6.   Joseph said

    Good afternoon, I can't find where to buy Cassia Fistula seedlings. From seeds it will take too long. Do you know a place to buy them?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Jose.
      Do not believe it. From the time the seed germinates until a plant of about 50cm is made, a year or a year and a half at most passes.
      Seeds I know they sell on ebay and amazon, but seedlings ... no. See if someone takes us out of doubt.
      A greeting.

  7.   Martha said

    Hello, how would you like to plant a fambroyan or a jacaranda? It is true that their roots lift the house when they grow, if you recommend it, I live in Monterrey

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Martha.
      Yes, the roots of those two trees are invasive.
      I recommend you more a Prunus (cherry, peach, Paraguayan, ...) or a Cassia fistula if there is no frost in your area.
      A greeting.

  8.   baglietto light said

    Enter this website looking for information on flowering trees and little root and I loved it and also found answers to my search. From now on I would like to be part of this group for a long time that I have been trying to fix my garden but I do not know where to start it is quite big and I know that I can make it my paradise I love nature. well thanks for existing and helping.
    Luz Elena Baglietto

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello, Luz.
      In the blog you will find a lot of information. Search in the Landscaping and Gardens categories on the menu located on the right side and from there you will surely be able to get many ideas for your garden 🙂
      A greeting.

  9.   Isabel said

    Hello, I need to plant a tree that will act as a screen with the neighbor, so it must have a minimum height of 6 meters and it is also very important that the roots are not invasive so that they do not lift the ground and that they are evergreen so that do not get dirty and give us problems with the neighbor since he will be planted about 5 meters from his house. Thank you very much in advance.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello isbael.
      You can put a Callistemon. Oleanders would also do well (can reach 7 meters).
      A greeting.

  10.   Luisa Vazquez Martinez said

    Hello, good afternoon, I live in Morelos and I would like to plant trees that provide shade and that their roots do not expand because it is for the garden of a residential unit and we do not have much space. Thank you for your attention

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Luisa.
      What weather do you have? We write from Spain 🙂
      Trees that have little root are those mentioned in the article, in addition to:

      Cassia fistula
      Prunus pissardi
      Acacia retinoids

      A greeting.

  11.   Isabel Ruiz said

    Hello, good afternoon! They can recommend non-invasive root trees, of good height (6-9 meters) for an indoor garden. The tree would grow inside the house, it has very good light, with a glass dome on the roof (skylight) and a warm climate. They recommend a black olive tree, but I need to be 100% sure that it does not invade the water and drain pipes. Greetings!

    Guadalajara Jalisco,

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello isbael.
      From what I see, the black olive (Bucida buceras) is a large tree, which could cause you problems in the long run.
      I recommend one more Cassia fistula, which gives very pretty yellow flowers.
      A greeting.

  12.   Rosa Fabiola Rocio Ortiz said

    Hello. Excuse me, I want to ask your advice please. Is it convenient to prune a mango tree ???? I have finished bearing fruit. Or so I have to leave it ???? Thanks I'm from Irapuato, Guanajuato

  13.   Adriana arriola said

    Hello Monica, I am from Chihuahua in northern Mexico, and I am looking for alternatives to plant on a public sidewalk in a subdivision, which does not have invasive roots through the houses and passage of pipes, attractive decorative, and considering that here the climate is very extreme. hot in summer and cold with some frosts in winter.
    Thanks in advance. Greetings

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Adriana.
      So you live in an area with a climate similar to the one I have here in Mallorca (Spain) hehe
      I recommend the following:
      -Prunus pissardi (the variety 'Nigra' is wonderful). Deciduous.
      -Cercis siliquastrum (known as the tree of love). Deciduous.
      -Fruit citrus fruits (orange, tangerine, lemons, ...). They are evergreen.
      -Syringa vulgaris. You can see an image in this article. Evergreen.
      -Callistemon viminalis. Evergreen.
      -Albizia (any species). Deciduous.

      A greeting.

  14.   GLADYS said


    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Gladys.
      The Syringa vulgaris is a small tree that grows fast and is not invasive.
      Other options are Cercis siliquastrum or Prunus cerasifera.
      A greeting.

  15.   Cecilia said

    Hello, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I wanted to know if these trees that you mention can be planted in pots, they would be outdoors on a terrace that has full sun. My intention is to create a shady corner combining different shrubs and plants.
    From already thank you very much, greetings

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello cecilia.
      Yes, they can be potted, but Japanese maple needs to be in semi-shade otherwise it will Quema.

  16.   Ramon said

    Hi, I need some advice. I have a piece of land in my house with a wall 2 meters high and 5 meters long. I would like to plant something next to that wall to protect my privacy a little (3 meters high, enough). That it does not have much root because the soil is only 40 cm of soil deep. I live in Zaragoza. Thanks in advance for your response.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Ramon.
      From what you say, a large bush that resists heat and frost would be enough for you. I recommend any of these:

      -Berberis darwinii: reaches 3 meters in height and occupies about 4 meters as an adult. It must be in full sun.
      -Aesculus parviflora: reaches a maximum height of 5 meters, and occupies 3-4 meters. It grows in semi-shade, in acidic soil. See file.
      -Malus sargentii or wild apple tree: grows up to 4 meters. It has thorns but very pretty white flowers in spring. Put in the sun or in semi-shade. See file.
      -Prunus laurocerasus or cherry laurel: reaches 4 meters high by 2m wide. Plant in direct sun or in semi-shade. See file.


  17.   Alida aguache said

    The Jupiter Tree is beautiful, I would like to know what fertilizer it requires for it to flourish in abundance. Mine blooms little, I have seen some that the whole glass is full of flowers.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Alida.
      You can fertilize it with a fertilizer rich in potassium, although you can opt for natural fertilizers such as guano.

  18.   Vicente said

    I planted a hibiscus tiliacius but it couldn't stand the sun. The climate here in Morelos, Mexico is sunny 300 days a year, 2 months of heat up to 36 degrees and the rest of 18-28.

    I would like an evergreen tree-shrub with ~ 5-6 m flowers. and little roots. I would be in the sun practically all day. What would you recommend me? Thanks.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Vincent.

      You could put a Callistemon or a Polygala. Both resist the sun, and grow like little trees.


  19.   Paco Bricio said

    Hi Martha,

    I am thinking of putting a tree in a central garden of my house and I would love a Japanese Maple, I live in Guadalajara, do you think it is feasible because of the climate and the land? If so, do you know where I can get it here?
    Thanks in advance

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Paco.

      Well we don't have any Martha working with us hehe

      Do I answer you. Regarding the weather, in principle I don't think you have problems, except in summer. The Japanese maple lives well as long as the temperature range remains between 30 and -18ºC, with the four different seasons.

      If we talk about the earth, it must have an acid pH, between 4 and 6. For example, in clay soils it could not grow, since it would lack iron.

      In online nurseries such as Garden Center Ejea, or Kuka Gardening, they usually have seedlings for sale.

      I leave you his file in case you are interested, click here.


  20.   Raisa metauten said

    I would like to know if Acer Palmatum and Syringa can be sown in Florida, with so much heat

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Risa.

      El Acer palmatum not. It is a tree that needs to be cold (with frost) in winter, and summers must also be mild so that it can grow well.

      La Syringa vulgaris it is grown a lot where I live, where the climate is Mediterranean. The four seasons are differentiated, but in winter the temperature only drops to -2ºC and for a very short time. But if the temperature in your area never drops below 0 degrees, it can't be too good either.


  21.   taydaacosta@gmail.com said

    All but the first one is beautiful

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Without a doubt 🙂

  22.   Edgar said


    So the Lagerstroemia indica or Tree of Jupiter mentioned in this article, wouldn't it be recommended for a patio fence with wall and house construction and water pipes?

    I live in Chiapas, and the climate is with maximum temperature varies between 15º and 24 ° C (November-January) and from 30º to 38 ° C (May-July) and the rainy season (May-October).

    And if it is not recommended, which one do you recommend?

    Thanks in advance

  23.   Adriana said

    I have liked the trees. I would also like to know if there are others to put on the sidewalks, due to the roots issue and the absorption of carbon dioxide in the framework of afforestation due to climate change.
    I would appreciate the information or sites where I can investigate.
    The themes are very good and very understandable.
    Thank you very much!

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Adriana.

      Here are some items from small trees and / or with harmless roots:


      Y here! our list of trees with invasive roots.

      But we have no information on how much carbon dioxide they absorb, sorry.