How to care for hydrangea in winter?

Are you thinking of decorating your garden in winter with beautiful flowers? Enter and you will learn how to take care of hydrangeas in these cold months.

Plant the tulip bulbs together

Tips for planting tulips

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of these bulbous plants? Follow our tips for planting tulips and I assure you that you will succeed. ;)

Rooting jasmine cuttings

Jasmine cuttings

Jasmine is a fairly hardy, long-lasting plant with a delicious aroma that can grow quite quickly. Do you want to know how to root it?

Yellow-flowered daffodil, a low-light plant

8 bulbous plants that need little light

Do you have a corner where the direct sun hits? Well, cheer him up with these bulbous plants that need little light. In addition, we tell you how to take care of them. Enters. ;)

Enjoy your petunias by planting them in hanging pots


Do you want to be able to enjoy flowers all year round? Get a petunia and provide it with the care that we explain to you. Sure you will not regret. ;)

Hacquetia apipactis flower

Do green flowers exist?

Green is not normally seen in the petals, but if you want to have a different garden, do not hesitate to enter to see the green flowers that we recommend.

Inflorescence of a herbaceous plant

What are inflorescences?

We explain what inflorescences are and the different types there are so that you can learn more about the plants that you have in your garden or terrace.

Protect your Cymbidium from the cold

How to care for orchids in winter?

Is the cold coming and are you worried about your precious plants? Enter and discover how to take care of orchids in winter so that they arrive healthy in spring.


What is the care of chrysanthemums?

Have you just acquired these beautiful and wonderful plants? Discover how to have them perfect by providing them with the best chrysanthemum care.

Phalaneopsis Orchid Keiki

How to reproduce orchids?

Would you like to know how to reproduce orchids? Do not hesitate to enter to get new specimens of your precious plants.

Flower of the rose 'Secret'

The most fragrant roses

If you like flowers that give off an incredibly wonderful aroma, do not hesitate to enter to find out which are the most fragrant roses.

zucchini flower

The zucchini flower

The zucchini flower looks quite elegant and is used in many kitchens around the world. Do you want to know its characteristics and uses?

Dendrobium kinglanum

How to transplant an orchid

We will tell you how to transplant an orchid step by step, and we also offer you a few tips to take care of it after the transplant.


purple flowers

Decorate your garden or patio with these 6 plants with purple flowers that we suggest. They are very easy to care for and precious, do you know them all?

Flowers of Ageratum houstonianum 'Blue Mink'

Agerato, the most striking flower

Do you want to decorate your garden or patio with a particularly striking and pretty flower? Discover the agerato. It is easy to care for and very decorative. Enters.


The meaning of tulip colors

We analyze the color of tulips and its meaning. What do red tulips mean? Find out here along with other colors

Rose bushes endure frost and high temperatures

How to fertilize flowers

We explain how to fertilize flowers, so you can enjoy their wonderful petals every season. Enter and discover how easy it is. ;)

Plant your bulbs three months before flowering

How to store the bulbs?

Bulbous plants are wonderful, but what do we do when flowering is over? Keep them, of course. Come in and we'll tell you how to store the bulbs.

Blue Iris flower

How to grow the Iris flower?

Because of their appearance, they are usually confused with orchids, however they have small details that make them unique and special plants.

Leaves of the Ludisia discolor var. Sunrise

Meet the Ludisia discolor, an orchid gem

If you are looking for an original orchid that is equal to or more decorative than those found in nurseries, enter and discover the Ludisia discolor. You are sure to like it. ;)

Daisy flower

Daisy photos

We show you a series of beautiful photos of daisies while we tell you about their characteristics. Enter to learn more about these amazing plants.

Pink rose flower

How to have healthy rose bushes?

Would you like to be able to show off your roses? Follow our advice and you will know how to have healthy roses, as well as beautiful ones. Enters.

Red gerbera flower

What are the gerbera care?

If you want to bring joy and color to your home, do not hesitate to buy a flower plant. Click the link and find out what the care of the gerbera is.

Phalaenopsis orchid flowers

How to get orchids to bloom?

We tell you how to make orchids bloom. Enjoy the beauty of the flowers of your plants again with these tips and tricks.

Azalea plant with white flowers

Azaleas for shade gardens

Azaleas are leafy shrubs and their flowers tend to appear in the summer and spring, with multiple colors, such as red, pink and white.

Hyacinth flowers

What is the care of hyacinths?

Hyacinths are one of the most popular bulbous plants: their beautiful flowers grouped in inflorescences give off a very ...

garden dividers or green fences

Plants for green fences

Green fences are what we know as flower fences or simply natural fences, being able to decorate them with various plants.

Blooming roses

When to prune rose bushes

If you want to have plants full of beautiful roses, do not hesitate to enter to find out how and when the rose bushes are pruned.

navel of venus

Navel of Venus

Discover the characteristics of the Navel of Venus, as its possible medical uses, nowadays used by many ethnic groups and perhaps some naturalists.

Cymbidium hybrid

Cymbidium, a beginner-friendly orchid

If you are a beginner and want an orchid that is easy to care for, get a Cymbidium. Here you have everything you need to know about their care. Enters.

jade with flower

Growing and caring for a jade plant

The jade plant is characterized by having quite thick leaves, that is because of the water accumulated in them. It is also called the Money Plant.

Gerbera jamesonii flower

flower photos

We show you a series of photos of flowers that you will surely love. Come in and check them out as you learn more about each of them.

Blooming tulip

How to care for the black tulip?

The black tulip is one of the most extraordinary bulbous that you can have at home or in the garden. Find out how to make it flourish.

Very pretty red rose

Red roses, the most beautiful

Red roses are the most popular. They are elegant and give off a pleasant aroma. Growing them is a pleasure to behold. Do you know its history? Enters.

yellow lily

Peace lily care

Know the care that the yellowish peace lily needs and the reason for that color so that you can have a beautiful flower inside the house.

Prune your rose bushes to bloom

When and how to prune rose bushes?

We explain step by step how to prune rose bushes and what is the most appropriate tool for it. Enter and you will get to have some magnificent flowers;).

Grow a Phalaenopsis Orchid

Growing a Phalaenopsis orchid

Have you just bought a Phalaenopsis orchid and don't know what kind of care it needs? We tell you how to care for a Phalaenopsis orchid.

Plox arendsii in flower

Selection of spring plants

Decorate your garden or patio with spring plants and enjoy this season like never before. Know which are the flowers that will brighten up your home.

different bouquets of flowers


Learn what flower bouquets are, the different types of bouquets that exist, colors and their use in decorating a home, wedding, event, etc.

Young girl with flowers in her hair

Hair flowers

Wearing flowers for your hair is a delight, but did you know that each color has a meaning? Enter and we will tell you which one it is to celebrate your life with your color.

Ixia scillaris flowers

Ixia, the happiest bulbous

The Ixia bring color and joy with their wonderful flowers. Their easy cultivation and maintenance make them essential plants for the garden.

Pelargonium graveolens

Meet 4 varieties of Pelargonium

Pelargoniums produce cheerful flowers for several months of the year. They are very decorative, so much so that you can use them to decorate any corner. Enters.

Lilac pink

Rose images

We show you a series of images of roses while we tell you some curiosities about these wonderful plants. Enters.

Blue color rose

Does the blue rose exist?

The blue rose is one of the most desired flowers. It is very eye-catching and looks spectacularly good in any vase or vase. But how to get it?

Nelumbo nucifera

The beauty of the Lotus Flower

Information about the spectacular Lotus Flower. We show you all the secrets about its cultivation, development, care, origin and its use for humans.

White daisies

Curiosities about daisies

Daisies are one of the most popular flowers in the world. However, there are sure to be some things you don't know about them. Come in and find out.

jalapa mirabilis

6 common flower names to remember

We tell you the 6 common flower names that you should not forget. They are easy to grow plants so they are very interesting to decorate any corner.

Gerberas in glass

Tips for giving flowers to a friend

Would you like to give flowers to a friend but you don't know which ones to choose? Do not worry. Come in and follow our advice to make her a very special gift.

Calceolaria in flower

How to grow Little Shoes

Looking for a truly unique plant? If so, get a Calceolaria, known as Zapatitos, and you will have a very special corner. Find out how it takes care of itself.


Poppies: complete file

Do you think you know everything about poppies? Let us surprise you. Enter and get to know it more in depth: its uses, its cultivation, and more.

Lily of the valley

The magnificent Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley is a plant with bell-shaped flowers of white or pink color that looks great in any corner protected from the sun. Get to know it.

Muscari in bloom

How to plant and care for Muscari?

The muscari is a bulbous one that produces a large number of aromatic flowers during spring. It is very easy to care for and very rustic. Find out.

Amaryllis flower

Amaryllis, the summer flower

Amaryllis is one of the bulbous flowers that bloom during the summer. But how do you take care of this interesting plant? Do not stay without knowing. Enters.

Sweet Pea

How to grow sweet peas

They are very beautiful plants that look great both in gardens and in pots. Enjoy its beauty by learning how to grow sweet peas.

alcea rosea

Moose or royal mallow

The royal mallow or elcea is a spectacular flowering plant that will look great in your garden or terrace. Come in and learn everything about her. You'll love it.


Summer flowers

Did you think that you could only have a colorful garden in spring? Let me give you news: there are summer flowers. The best await you here. Enters.


spring flowers

We show you the main spring flowers so you can enjoy a garden or patio full of color. We also teach you how to sow them. Do not miss it.

Geranium flowers

How to prune geraniums

We explain when and how to easily prune geraniums so that they grow healthy and produce a large number of flowers. Enters.

Cymbidium 'Clarisse Best Pink' in flower

5 types of orchids for your home

Have you been to a nursery and you don't know which flower to take home? Enter and know the 5 main types of orchids. You are sure to love them.

Freedom roses

Growing and caring for Rosa freedom

La Rosa Freedom is the most popular during Saint George's Day, which is celebrated on April 23. Would you like to have a plant with history in your garden? Enters.

Black orchid

Black orchid care

We tell you about the care of the black orchid, a very curious plant that, unlike others, has incredible black flowers.

Tools for pruning rose bushes

Pruning of flowering rose bushes

The rose bushes require different types of pruning that are carried out throughout the year. Today we are dedicated to the pruning of flowering rose bushes.

Tagetes flowers

DIY: Make your own flower tower

Would you like to decorate your garden in an original way? Make your own tower of flowers to get a spectacular corner. Find out how to do it.

Chrysanthemum, a plant that blooms in winter

comestible flowers

Did you know that edible flowers existed? There are many more than you might expect that you can use to make delicious dishes. Find out what they are.

Orchid flower

How to care for orchids

They are some of the most beautiful flowers that you can find in the tropical jungles, or inside your home. Find out how orchids are cared for.

White calla flower

Cala blanca, a majestic plant

The white cove is a very popular flower that will dress the garden or terrace, bringing purity to it. We show you what care it needs to be perfect.

penta lanceolata

Flowering plants all year

Waiting for spring to enjoy the flowers? You can stop doing it: there are flowering plants all year round ideal for pot or garden. Discover them.

Celosia argentea

Growing and caring for the Cockscomb

The Cresta de Gallo is a really curious and striking flower, but do you know how to take care of it? No? Don't worry: come in and we'll teach you all about her.

Leucanthemum vulgare 'Filigran'

How are the flowers inside

They are the most showy part of angiosperm plants, and also the most important. Let's get to know them more thoroughly. Discover what the flowers are like inside.

Red rose

How to prune a rose bush

Pruning is a job that we have to do so that our plants are healthy and strong. Enter and discover how to prune a rose bush properly.

Red rose

How and when to prune roses

We tell you how and when to prune the roses to get a greater amount of flowers. If you don't know how to prune your rose bushes, come in and we'll explain it.

Daisies in the field

What do daisies mean

These are some flowers that take us back to childhood. Who has not played love me / does not love me with them? Find out what daisies mean.


What flowers endure the cold

If you thought that with the arrival of autumn the flowers would end ... enter and you will discover that flowers endure the cold. Surely some surprise you!

red tulips

What is the meaning of the red tulip

Flowers have always attracted our attention. They are very beautiful, and they also convey a unique message. Find out what is the meaning of the red tulip.


How to preserve flowers in a vase

There are many people who decorate their home with flowers, since they give a lot of life. Enter and we will explain how to keep flowers in a vase.

Bird of paradise flower

How to care for a Bird of Paradise

It is one of the most grateful, and decorative flowering plants. It is widely used in gardens for its beautiful flowers. Find out how to take care of a bird of paradise.

Tulipa '' Papagayo '' in flower

What are the varieties of tulip

They are very decorative bulbous flowers, which we can have both in pots and in the garden. Find out what are the tulip varieties.

Rudbeckia hirta in flower

What are the flowers that bloom in autumn

If you thought that when the summer ended you would not be able to enjoy any more flowers, take a look and you will discover what are the flowers that bloom in autumn.

Lilac hyacinth

How to care for hyacinths

They are one of the most widely cultivated bulbous flowers around the world. Come in and we will tell you how to take care of hyacinths. You will be able to enjoy them for years.


How to care for daffodils

After the end of the summer, the temperatures begin to drop. It is time to plant bulbs. Enter and you will learn how to care for daffodils and have them beautiful.


How to plant hydrangea cuttings

They are shrubs of exceptional beauty suitable for garden, and also for pot. Not sure how to plant hydrangea cuttings? We teach you.


What is the meaning of orchids

They are some of the most elegant flowers that exist, ideal for decorating interior spaces. Find out what is the meaning of orchids.

Scented violet

How to care for violets

They are exceptional flowers to cover floors, to plant in rockeries, or even to have in pots. Do you want to know how to care for violets? Enters.

Petunia x hybrida a1

How to take care of surfinias

They are the most popular seasonal hanging plants, as they are very easy to grow and maintain. Enter to know how to take care of surfinias.


How to grow blue orchids

They are very beautiful flowers, so much so that there are those who consider them to be the most elegant in the world. Come in and learn how to grow blue orchids.

Sprekelia formosissima

How to grow the fleur de lis

It is one of the most elegant and beautiful bulbous plants. If you want to know how to grow the fleur de lis, and let yourself fall in love with it, enter.


How to take care of the coves

They are extraordinary flowering plants. They give off a very pleasant aroma that we would all like to have at home. Find out how to take care of the coves.

Lilac flower petunia

How to care for petunias

These are flowers of very varied colors: red, pink, bicolor, blue ... Enter and you will discover how to take care of petunias to have them perfect.

Lobelia differed

How is a lobelia

This plant has very curious flowers that attract the attention of anyone who passes by. Find out what a lobelia looks like and how to have one.


How to care for orchids in summer

These are very elegant and decorative flowers. Enter and you will learn how to care for orchids in summer, with tips and tricks to keep them beautiful.

Pink hydrangea

How to care for hydrangeas

Are you thinking of decorating your garden with beautiful flowers? Enter and you will learn how to care for hydrangeas. Some bushes that you will love.

White cove

Decorate your garden with calla lilies

Let me give you a tip: decorate your garden with calla lilies. They are very grateful and not demanding bulbous plants whose flowers have a very pleasant perfume.


How carnations reproduce

Are you wondering how carnations reproduce? These beautiful flowers have an unparalleled beauty, and they are also very easy to care for, and to grow.

Tulips are great garden plants

When to plant tulips

Have you ever wondered when to plant tulips? These beautiful bulbous flowers have great ornamental value, and are ideal for potting or gardening.

Crocus, a flower that sprouts in winter

Crocus sativus

Crocus sativus, better known as saffron, is a bulbous plant that is very easy to care for and also has a spectacular lilac flower.


Tulip mania, the tulip business

A few centuries ago, tulips became very popular in the Netherlands and thus Tulipomania was born, a period in which the sale of tulips skyrocketed and tulips were sold at exorbitant prices.

linum grandiflorum

The Unknown Flower of Red Flax

Red flax, whose scientific name is Linum grandiflorum, is a very easy to grow herbaceous plant that will give color to your garden or terrace.


Sun resistant plants

We recommend some plants that are resistant to the sun so that then you can show them off even in summer.

Hyacinthoides non-script

The beautiful wild hyacinths

In Great Britain, in addition to other countries on the European continent, wild hyacinths flourish. A bulbous whose blue flowers are very beautiful.

galanthus nivalis

All about snowdrops

Snowdrops are small, very ornamental bulbous plants that are ideal for potting.

Farinous primula

Why don't my flowers open?

Sometimes we look forward to the flowering time of our plants, but it turns out that the flowers do not open. We tell you why and how to fix it.

Azalea red flower

How to care for azaleas

The azalea is a shrub native to Asia that has become very popular in temperate gardens around the world. We tell you how to take care of azaleas in this article.

Scent violet

The world of violets

Learn about the different varieties of violets in order to distinguish the true flowers from the false ones.


Begonia as houseplants

Many of us, and more and more, choose to have a Begonia indoors. These plants have proven to be very adaptable under these conditions.

Red rose bush

Planting rose bushes in planters

Planting rose bushes in planters is a very simple thing to do. If you follow the advice that we tell you in this article, you can always enjoy your roses.

Orange flower gerbera

How to grow gerberas

The Gerbera, also known as the African daisy, is a lively plant whose flowers are very decorative. We teach you how to grow gerberas without complications.


The history of tulips

Tulip mania was a mass phenomenon that led to a rise in the price of tulips and a major economic bubble.


How to grow and reproduce a rose bush

Would you like to know how to care for and reproduce that rose bush that you like so much? Here we tell you everything: irrigation, proper location, and the method of reproduction.

Butterfly on flower

Flowers that attract butterflies

Butterflies are beautiful pollinating insects that give a lot of life to any garden. That is why we introduce you to flowers that attract them.

Canadian lillium

Main flower bulbs, part two

In this second and last part of Main flower bulbs, we make you a small selection of bulbous flowers that will bloom in summer.


Foxglove, a plant for everyone

In Europe we can find a beautiful biannual or perennial plant called Digitalis purpurea, better known as Foxglove, which attracts bees.


Main flower bulbs, part one

Very popular bulbs bloom in spring and are planted in the fall. The flowers of tulips, daffodils, jugs and others open to celebrate.


The most beautiful tulips

There are many varieties of tulips depending on their shapes and colors. Here we tell you which are the most beautiful.


Flowers for every moment

White flowers are given for weddings, red flowers for first dates ... Every important moment of our life has its flower that represents it.


Peonies care

Peonies are plants that need to be exposed to the sun to develop and flourish.

Baccharis pilularis

It's a girl!

A dioecious plant is one that has female and male flowers in different specimens. There are dioecious plants that it is advisable to identify.


How to grow saffron

Saffron is a bulbous plant that is planted in the fall and blooms in the spring. We teach you how to grow saffron.


Plants that bloom in fall

Information about some of the plants that bloom in autumn, to decorate your garden on these dates. Low maintenance and easy to grow.