Bird of paradise flower

How to care for a Bird of Paradise

It is one of the most grateful, and decorative flowering plants. It is widely used in gardens for its beautiful flowers. Find out how to take care of a bird of paradise.

Tulipa '' Papagayo '' in flower

What are the varieties of tulip

They are very decorative bulbous flowers, which we can have both in pots and in the garden. Find out what are the tulip varieties.

Rudbeckia hirta in flower

What are the flowers that bloom in autumn

If you thought that when the summer ended you would not be able to enjoy any more flowers, take a look and you will discover what are the flowers that bloom in autumn.

Lilac hyacinth

How to care for hyacinths

They are one of the most widely cultivated bulbous flowers around the world. Come in and we will tell you how to take care of hyacinths. You will be able to enjoy them for years.


How to care for daffodils

After the end of the summer, the temperatures begin to drop. It is time to plant bulbs. Enter and you will learn how to care for daffodils and have them beautiful.


How to plant hydrangea cuttings

They are shrubs of exceptional beauty suitable for garden, and also for pot. Not sure how to plant hydrangea cuttings? We teach you.


What is the meaning of orchids

They are some of the most elegant flowers that exist, ideal for decorating interior spaces. Find out what is the meaning of orchids.

Scented violet

How to care for violets

They are exceptional flowers to cover floors, to plant in rockeries, or even to have in pots. Do you want to know how to care for violets? Enters.

Petunia x hybrida a1

How to take care of surfinias

They are the most popular seasonal hanging plants, as they are very easy to grow and maintain. Enter to know how to take care of surfinias.


How to grow blue orchids

They are very beautiful flowers, so much so that there are those who consider them to be the most elegant in the world. Come in and learn how to grow blue orchids.

Sprekelia formosissima

How to grow the fleur de lis

It is one of the most elegant and beautiful bulbous plants. If you want to know how to grow the fleur de lis, and let yourself fall in love with it, enter.


How to take care of the coves

They are extraordinary flowering plants. They give off a very pleasant aroma that we would all like to have at home. Find out how to take care of the coves.

Lilac flower petunia

How to care for petunias

These are flowers of very varied colors: red, pink, bicolor, blue ... Enter and you will discover how to take care of petunias to have them perfect.

Lobelia differed

How is a lobelia

This plant has very curious flowers that attract the attention of anyone who passes by. Find out what a lobelia looks like and how to have one.


How to care for orchids in summer

These are very elegant and decorative flowers. Enter and you will learn how to care for orchids in summer, with tips and tricks to keep them beautiful.

Pink hydrangea

How to care for hydrangeas

Are you thinking of decorating your garden with beautiful flowers? Enter and you will learn how to care for hydrangeas. Some bushes that you will love.

White cove

Decorate your garden with calla lilies

Let me give you a tip: decorate your garden with calla lilies. They are very grateful and not demanding bulbous plants whose flowers have a very pleasant perfume.


How carnations reproduce

Are you wondering how carnations reproduce? These beautiful flowers have an unparalleled beauty, and they are also very easy to care for, and to grow.

Tulips are great garden plants

When to plant tulips

Have you ever wondered when to plant tulips? These beautiful bulbous flowers have great ornamental value, and are ideal for potting or gardening.

Crocus, a flower that sprouts in winter

Crocus sativus

Crocus sativus, better known as saffron, is a bulbous plant that is very easy to care for and also has a spectacular lilac flower.

Linum grandiflorum

The Unknown Flower of Red Flax

Red flax, whose scientific name is Linum grandiflorum, is a very easy to grow herbaceous plant that will give color to your garden or terrace.


Sun resistant plants

We recommend some plants that are resistant to the sun so that then you can show them off even in summer.

Hyacinthoides non-script

The beautiful wild hyacinths

In Great Britain, in addition to other countries on the European continent, wild hyacinths flourish. A bulbous whose blue flowers are very beautiful.

galanthus nivalis

All about snowdrops

Snowdrops are small, very ornamental bulbous plants that are ideal for potting.

Farinous primula

Why don't my flowers open?

Sometimes we look forward to the flowering time of our plants, but it turns out that the flowers do not open. We tell you why and how to fix it.

Azalea red flower

How to care for azaleas

The azalea is a shrub native to Asia that has become very popular in temperate gardens around the world. We tell you how to take care of azaleas in this article.

Scent violet

The world of violets

Learn about the different varieties of violets in order to distinguish the true flowers from the false ones.


Begonia as houseplants

Many of us, and more and more, choose to have a Begonia indoors. These plants have proven to be very adaptable under these conditions.

Red rose bush

Planting rose bushes in planters

Planting rose bushes in planters is a very simple thing to do. If you follow the advice that we tell you in this article, you can always enjoy your roses.

Orange flower gerbera

How to grow gerberas

The Gerbera, also known as the African daisy, is a lively plant whose flowers are very decorative. We teach you how to grow gerberas without complications.


The history of tulips

Tulip mania was a mass phenomenon that led to a rise in the price of tulips and a major economic bubble.


How to grow and reproduce a rose bush

Would you like to know how to care for and reproduce that rose bush that you like so much? Here we tell you everything: irrigation, proper location, and the method of reproduction.

Butterfly on flower

Flowers that attract butterflies

Butterflies are beautiful pollinating insects that give a lot of life to any garden. That is why we introduce you to flowers that attract them.

Canadian lillium

Main flower bulbs, part two

In this second and last part of Main flower bulbs, we make you a small selection of bulbous flowers that will bloom in summer.


Foxglove, a plant for everyone

In Europe we can find a beautiful biannual or perennial plant called Digitalis purpurea, better known as Foxglove, which attracts bees.


Main flower bulbs, part one

Very popular bulbs bloom in spring and are planted in the fall. The flowers of tulips, daffodils, jugs and others open to celebrate.


The most beautiful tulips

There are many varieties of tulips depending on their shapes and colors. Here we tell you which are the most beautiful.


Flowers for every moment

White flowers are given for weddings, red flowers for first dates ... Every important moment of our life has its flower that represents it.


Peonies care

Peonies are plants that need to be exposed to the sun to develop and flourish.

Baccharis pilularis

It's a girl!

A dioecious plant is one that has female and male flowers in different specimens. There are dioecious plants that it is advisable to identify.


How to grow saffron

Saffron is a bulbous plant that is planted in the fall and blooms in the spring. We teach you how to grow saffron.


Plants that bloom in fall

Information about some of the plants that bloom in autumn, to decorate your garden on these dates. Low maintenance and easy to grow.

Anigozanthos manglesii

Meeting the flower Kangaroo Paws

Information about the genus Anigozanthos, better known as Kangaroo Paws for its curious flowers. Advice on its cultivation and maintenance.


Collect flower seeds II

We will learn to collect seeds of the Calendula, the Cosmos, the Wallflower and the Bluebird. They are seasonal flower seeds.


Collect flower seeds

To continue enjoying the seasonal plants every year we must collect the seeds. This article talks about collecting some seeds.


Clivia care

Clivia is an ideal indoor plant for low-light, cool and well-ventilated places. It shows off some beautiful bell-shaped flowers.

Beautiful by day

Convolvulus and its care

Convolvulus are plants with very pretty little flowers. They comprise 200 species of plants. We will comment on some.

Flowers picked by rocks

Small garden design

When we have little space for our garden we must be careful not to load it too much. There are ideal plants, such as aromatic ones.

Nasturtium flowers

Edible plants: Nasturtium

The nasturtium is a plant that is eaten both the flowers and the leaves and seeds. They are annual plants and with some properties.

Mr. Diego

Night blooming plants

Nocturnal plants are those that bloom at night thanks to the existence of nocturnal pollinators. An example is the Dondiego.


Wild plants

There are different wild plants, we highlight four: Peony, Primrose, Lavender and Yarrow. Two with beautiful blooms and two for their properties.

Wild roses

Wild rose

The wild rose, apart from being precious, has multiple properties. To take advantage of these properties, it can be prepared in infusions or tonics.


Surfinia or Petunia?

Surfinias are hybrids of Petunias. This article knows the differences and similarities between the two.

Marigold flower

Calendula: The wonder of every month

The Calendula or Wonder is an annual plant with an abundant flowering. It has multiple uses, both culinary and medicinal. Its cultivation is very easy.


How to care for begonias

Begonia is a very beautiful type of plant that has beautiful flowers. In order to always keep it in bloom and well cared for, we teach you how to care for begonias.


Geranium diseases

Geranium is a very popular perennial plant that does not require great care. But you have to control that you do not get sick and for that we provide you with all the necessary advice.

10 spring plants

10 spring plants

Spring is the season where all plants bloom and the goal is to have a well-flowered garden. For this we give you a list of 10 recommended plants that reach their maximum flowering splendor in spring.

roses made with orange peel

Roses with orange peel

Flowers and roses made with orange peel, an excellent decoration idea and a source of creativity in handmade jewelery. Doing them is very easy.

flower salad

Edible flowers: from the garden to the kitchen

There are more than 200 species of edible flowers that have been identified around the world. The use of flowers in the kitchen is a very old gastronomic trend. Today, haute cuisine recovers it and we can find ourselves habitual of our bouquets on our plates. But not all are suitable for consumption, there are toxic species, and edible ones must have been grown free of chemicals.

Simian Dracula Orchid

Simian Dracula Orchid

Nature offers us surprising flowers such as the Simian Dracula, a peculiar orchid that grows to 2.000 m in height and has a monkey face in the center of its flower and long spurs on its sepals that have given it the name of the vampire.