Evergreen trees

Types of evergreens

Within evergreen trees there are two categories that are differentiated by the shape of the leaves.


Grasses, a powerful plant family

Grasses are plants that belong to an important family and share the presence of long canes or cylindrical or elliptical stems from which the leaves are born.

Dianthus japonicus

Sun loving plants

If you have a sunny garden, but you don't know which plants to put, we have made for you a selection of very ornamental sun-loving plants.

Osteospermum ecklonis

Seedbeds ... in summer?

Can you make seedbeds in summer? The answer is yes. In this article we will tell you about some plants that can be sown in the warmer season.

Imperial bamboo

Care and uses of bamboo

Bamboo is a very ornamental plant that grows very fast, ideal for gardens forming green clumps of yellow, green or black stems.

Alpine soldanella

Extreme cold plants

We can find plants in all corners of the planet, from the tropics to glaciers, where they have to endure extreme cold.

Acer palmatum

Selection of maples for your garden

Maple trees are trees or shrubs that grow all over the world. There are numerous species each more interesting; here we introduce you to four.


Be careful with the roots!

Before designing a garden it is important to know if the roots of the trees that we want to put are invasive to avoid unnecessary problems and expenses.


Plants for the entrance of the house

The entrance of the house is usually a room with a lot of light, so there are a number of plants that you can place there to decorate it. We cite you some.


Cultivation and care of the Areca

The Areca, whose scientific name is Dypsis lutescens, is one of the best known palm trees in the world, due to its high ornamental value.

Gold rain

Trees that make it rain gold

Both Cassia fistula and Laburnum are known as Golden Shower in reference to their magnificent yellow flowers. They are both very similar.

Pachira aquatica

Have potted trees

If you do not have a garden but you would like to have potted trees, you can have them without problems. With a series of tips your trees will grow without problems.

nerium oleander

Plants harmful to health

Among the ornamental plants we can find some that can be harmful to human and / or animal health. We present you some of them.

Darlingtonia californica

Unknown carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants are a type of plants that need to feed on insects to survive. There are three strangers that you should know.

Flower hedge

Uses of hedges

Hedges have always been part of the life of humans and other living beings. They are a very important figure in the garden as they protect us.


Plants to give to hospitalized loved ones

Sometimes we find ourselves in the situation of having a loved one admitted, and we do not know what plants we should give away. Here we give you 4 ideas that you will love.

Mimosa pudica

Botany Glossary for Beginners

On the plant cards we sometimes find words that we do not understand. That is why we have created this small botany glossary.


Plant your indoor garden

The plants in the home give a lot of play, so much so that we can combine them in such a way to create a beautiful indoor garden in winter.


Pansies, winter flowers

Pansies are ideal plants for the garden because of their vibrant colors. Flowering occurs in winter making it a seasonal plant.

Pawlonia tomentosa

The Tree of Life Paulownia Tomentosa

An amazing tree is found in China. They call it the tree of life, and its scientific name is Paulownia tomentosa. It is very ornamental and very useful.

Dypsis decaryi

The beautiful triangular palm tree

The triangular palm, whose scientific name is Dypsis decaryi, is one of the most successful tropical-looking palms, as it can withstand frost.

Plants for rooms

Plants to have in rooms

There are some plants that are recommended to have in bedrooms because they consume little oxygen.


Palm tree pruning

Palm tree pruning is essential, as if a dry leaf falls to the ground, it could cause damage. Here we give you tips for proper pruning.


The first year of life of a Flamboyant

The first year of life of a tree is very complicated since there are pests that will not hesitate to complicate your life. Today we will see how a flamboyant is cared for.


What plants can I put under the trees?

Being able to have plants under the shade of the trees is something fabulous. They are generally shade or semi-shade plants that do well in these conditions.

Sarracenias Group

The pruning of the Sarracenias

Sarracenias, like most carnivorous plants, hibernate in winter, that is, their leaves dry out. Pruning is important to avoid fungus.


A tree with the colors of the rainbow

In the tropics we find a majestic tree, whose trunk with the colors of the rainbow leaves no one indifferent. We are talking about the Eucalyptus of the rainbow.

Tillandsia aeranthos

A carnation that lives on air

In the forests and mountains of South America, there is a very curious plant: the carnation of the air. A bromeliad that lives in the branches of trees.


Purple acacia, a gorgeous garden tree

Do you have a small garden and you don't know which tree to put up? Purple Acacia is an ideal choice. Its purple leaves will make you fall in love, without a doubt.


Hibernation of carnivorous plants

With the arrival of the cold our carnivorous plants enter a state of hibernation. They will need less watering until the risk of frost is over.


Holly: a very Christmas tree

Christmas is already very close, and that is why we begin to see Christmas plants, such as holly. We explain its cultivation and care in this article.

Chestnut with seven legs

Exotic trees of Spain

Some trees in Spain attract attention because they are rare and original. This is the case of the chestnut tree with seven legs.


The carob tree in the garden

The carob is a tree native to the Mediterranean. It is very grateful, resistant to drought, and it can become very ornamental.


A strawberry tree in the garden

The strawberry tree is an easy-care shrub that is worth having in the garden due to its intense foliage and its beautiful flowers and fruits.

Maidenhair fern

Shade plants to have in the garden

If you have a garden with little sun and shady areas, you can take into account these shade plants that will grow even without receiving the sun's rays.

Variegated leaves

Plant care with variegated leaves

There are numerous plants with variegated leaves that attract a lot of attention for their high ornamental value. They need peculiar care.


Giant sequoia - a majestic conifer

Information on the majestic Giant Sequoia, native to Northern California. With an approximate height of 100 meters, it leaves no one indifferent.

Lemon Tree

Have a lemon tree at home

The lemon tree is a beautiful tree to have in the garden for its aroma and beauty. In addition, it gives us delicious lemons during the season.


Trees and shrubs for terrace

If we do not have a garden and we want to have shrubs or a tree and we only have a patio, balcony or terrace, there are many species that we can choose from.


Animal-friendly carnivorous plants

Information on the symbiotic relationship that some carnivorous plants and other animals and insects maintain in their natural habitat, in tropical forests.


How to get free plants?

Various ways to obtain plants at a great price, even for free. Explanation of the method of cuttings, seeds and plant division.

Anigozanthos manglesii

Meeting the flower Kangaroo Paws

Information about the genus Anigozanthos, better known as Kangaroo Paws for its curious flowers. Advice on its cultivation and maintenance.


A curious plant, the Bat Flower

This peculiar plant is often found in nurseries. For this reason, this article talks about her, the Bat Flower, and about the care she needs.


How do climbers hold?

Climbers grow on walls and pergolas from different grip systems that are important to know.


How can trees reproduce?

Explanation of the different methods of tree reproduction that exist today. Information on the method of always, cuttings and grafts.


Plant a hazelnut tree

Hazel is a very nice and colorful tree that you can have in your garden. It does not require great care although it is important to know some secrets when planting it.


Reproduction of carnivorous plants

Guide on how to reproduce carnivorous plants. Information on the reproduction of seeds, cuttings and division. Explanation of how they are made.

Eliator Begonia

The world of Begonias

The plants that are more easily in a home are the Begonias. These are classified into three large groups.


Collect flower seeds II

We will learn to collect seeds of the Calendula, the Cosmos, the Wallflower and the Bluebird. They are seasonal flower seeds.

sedum palmeri

Succulent plants

Sedum Palmeri, Suaveonlens, Aenium Arboreum, Tradescantia Navicularis and Sedum Praealtum are ideal succulent plants for gardens and for pots.


Collect flower seeds

To continue enjoying the seasonal plants every year we must collect the seeds. This article talks about collecting some seeds.


Plants that support the lack of light

There are plants that support the lack of light and that are ideal for rooms with these characteristics. These are the Potos, Fern, Fitonia and Sanseviera.


Calatea care

Calatea is a beautiful plant that has very showy flowers. They are indoor plants that require minimal care.


Clivia care

Clivia is an ideal indoor plant for low-light, cool and well-ventilated places. It shows off some beautiful bell-shaped flowers.


Living stones

There is a type of cactus that we can confuse with stones, these are known as living stones. They are actually cacti, they are called Lithops.

Adam's rib

Adam's rib

Adam's rib is a plant that requires little care. It is ideal for indoors in bright places.

Beautiful by day

Convolvulus and its care

Convolvulus are plants with very pretty little flowers. They comprise 200 species of plants. We will comment on some.


Trees for small gardens I

In small gardens, space is very limited and trees are needed to match. Passionflower, Hibiscus and Camellia are ideal for these gardens.


Coleus care

Coleus is a class of plant that includes many varieties. Its multiplication is simple and it is a very showy houseplant.


Succulents in the garden

Succulents are perfect for people with little time to spend on plants. They are also ideal for gardens, vertical or horizontal.


Bromeliad care

Bromeliads are tropical plants that require basic care so that their life in western countries is very long.


Walnuts of the Walnut

Walnut is of great importance among the trees because all of it is usable. Nuts, leaves and wood are widely used.

Dried laurel

Aromatic plants drying

Description of the techniques for drying medicinal or aromatic plants for use in infusions or in food.


Decorate your garden with palm trees

Palm trees are very special plants since they provide an exotic environment where we use them: gardens, patios, terraces or interiors. Learn about its shapes, the great variety in species and places of origin as well as its many uses when decorating your garden.

Mr. Diego

Night blooming plants

Nocturnal plants are those that bloom at night thanks to the existence of nocturnal pollinators. An example is the Dondiego.


Surfinia or Petunia?

Surfinias are hybrids of Petunias. This article knows the differences and similarities between the two.

Inside plants

How to take care of your indoor plants

One of the main reasons why indoor plants live for a short time is usually the degree of humidity in the environment. Come on, other factors help plants to grow well.

Green Chinese Lantern or Physalis Alkekengi

Chinese lantern, source of vitamin C

The Chinese Farolillo is a different variety of tomato, with the covered fruit and many properties, in addition to the large amount of Vitamin C it has.

Marigold flower

Calendula: The wonder of every month

The Calendula or Wonder is an annual plant with an abundant flowering. It has multiple uses, both culinary and medicinal. Its cultivation is very easy.


Climbers or creepers, color on top

There are plants for everything. Climbing plants adorn walls, pergolas, arches, they give freshness and color in addition to perfuming the environment.


How to plant garden shrubs

Now that you have your bush, it is important to know how to plant it, especially if there are several, it should have an ideal distance so that the roots do not mix with each other. Let's see here the points to keep in mind.


What are ornamental shrubs?

If you want to add green to your urban garden, you can think about placing ornamental shrubs, species that have great advantages.


Tips when buying trees

When buying trees, it is good to take into account some aspects that will help the specimens to grow healthy and strong.

Transplant indoor plants

How to transplant indoor plants

Indoor plants should be transplanted when the pot or container they are in is too small. Everything you have to know to figure out when to make the change and in what way.


Plants to repel pests

Although it is not a hundred percent effective remedy, using aromatic plants and other types of plants to repel pests in the garden is a highly effective tool. We tell you which are the most appropriate varieties for each type of pest.


Geranium diseases

Geranium is a very popular perennial plant that does not require great care. But you have to control that you do not get sick and for that we provide you with all the necessary advice.


Perennial and perennial plants

Perennials and perennials last from one season to the next and can live for at least two years, but while perennials disappear in winter and are reborn, perennials maintain their foliage during the cold months.

Anti-stress plants to enjoy in the office

A study in the United Kingdom indicated that in places decorated with plants, the environmental quality and the physical and psychological health of people are improved.

Sansevieria: a very resistant plant

Sansevieria is a very resistant plant, which requires little care, ideal for those who are new to gardening or cannot dedicate much time to it.

Potted garlic

Potted garlic

Requirements and needs for the sowing and cultivation of garlic in pots

stock of peppers

January Crop Calendar

Sowing, transplanting and harvesting calendar for potted vegetables corresponding to the month of January.

Christmas plants: mistletoe

An old Christmas tradition says that mistletoe will bring happiness to the house where it is located and love and fertility to couples who kiss under its branches.


Seed sprouts

Soy, alfalfa, lentils, red cabbage, radishes, chickpeas, broccoli, peas ... Sprouts offer us a huge variety of delicious sprouts, which also have beneficial health properties. In December, when garden activity slows, it is a good time to make sprouts at home.

Araucaria Excelsa

Christmas tree. Natural or artificial?

What is the most ecological option for the Christmas tree? Natural or artificial? We analyze the survival possibilities of natural trees, the most suitable species and their basic care.


Poinsettia: pests and diseases

And we continue with the Poisentia, Poinsettia or Christmas Plant. Our goal: its survival and development to enjoy it again next year. After Poinsettia: how to survive Christmas and Poinsettia: care after Christmas, today we bring you the latest installment of this miniseries, with the symptoms of pests and diseases that can affect our red-leaved plant.


Measurements of the pots according to the crop

Guidance table of requirements for each vegetable for flowerpots or urban gardens. Indicates the volume and measurements of the pots according to the crop, the need or not for tutoring, the distance of sowing or transplanting and the type of root of each species

Plants for the bathroom

Plants for the bathroom

Not all species are not suitable for the bathroom. We need plants that can withstand humidity and heat well. And depending on whether or not you have natural light, you will need a certain species. We show you some of the most suitable species of plants for the bathroom.

Potted mulch

Plant protection against cold

When temperatures drop below 6º, certain precautions must be taken to avoid or minimize damage to our plants. The roots of a potted plant are more sensitive to cold. Given the risk of frost, we will not sow or transplant, but what do we do with the small plants that we have just transplanted or that are growing?

celery and radishes

November Crop Calendar

Calendar of crops, sowing and harvesting of vegetables in amceta corresponding to the month of November and the Mediterranean area.

Aromatic plants in pots

Aromatic in October

What aromatics can you plant in October? What kind of pot do you need to plant them at home? When will they have grown up? How do you have to take care of them? This short crop calendar gives you the quick answer.

Jiffys: Pressed Peat Seedlings

Jiffys: Pressed Peat Seedlings

Jiffys are small, high-quality compacted peat discs, lined with a mesh. The advantage is that you do not need to transplant, you introduce them directly, once the seed has germinated in the final pot, because they themselves constitute the substrate.

Growing broad bean plant

Potted beans

In autumn it is time to sow beans. We can grow them in pots and enjoy them in our flowerpot.

Round pod peas

Potted pea cultivation

All the keys to growing peas in a pot, planter or cultivation table. The sowing, irrigation, care and harvesting of this legume in the pot or urban garden.

pea crop

October Crop Calendar

Planting and harvesting calendar for potted vegetables corresponding to the month of October. Indicative data for the Mediterranean area.


Potted carrots

Growing carrots at home is easy if you know their requirements. The sowing of this vegetable should avoid cold temperatures and will yield a harvest throughout the year.

Seedlings in yogurt cups

Let's sow! Tools and accessories

From sowing to harvesting, during the different phases our crops go through, we will need specific accessories and tools. In a small garden, such as at home, these tools are different from those used in soil gardens.


Potted chard

Chard is an easy crop for our urban garden. In pot or growing table, it reaches a considerable size and can supply our family consumption for several months. Large pots and warm temperatures are the only requirements for planting and transplanting.


Stevia: the plant that sweetens

Stevia is the fashionable plant. Since this natural sweetener has landed in Europe, every day there are more products that incorporate Stevia as a sweetener. Its consumption does not affect the glycemic index or hypertension, and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects are attributed to it. It has no calories, no saturated fat, no sugars, and no carbohydrates. It is diuretic and digestive. It does not produce cholesterol or ferment or react with other components of food. Its cultivation at home is very simple.

Dry leaves

Recover dried plants

Dry leaves, dry substrate, dry plants ... When we return from vacation we can find dryness problems in our plants. With minimal care, they can recover.

Aromatic potted plants

Aromatic plants

The cultivation of aromatic plants in pots is simple. These plants and herbs, cultivated since ancient times, offer many decorative, aromatic, culinary and medicinal possibilities.

romaine lettuce seedling

Potted lettuce

Growing potted lettuce is quick and easy. Advice on sowing, climate, irrigation and development to obtain lettuce in a pot garden.